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Our Foundation Is Computer Recycling, Our Mission Is To Give Back


ur business is built on recycling electronics and computers.  This alone sets us apart from most of the other companies that offer disposition services because  our “zero landfill” policy is more than a tagline.  Recycling electronics responsibly means you can rest assured that material that has no reuse or resale value will be destroyed and recycled in a competent manner, utilizing an R2 and end-user downstream,  by a team with years of experience in the metal and electronics recycling industry.  Our purchasing and reuse philosophy also sets us apart from other companies.  We are not equipment refurbishers and we do not consign your material for resale.  If your assets are reusable, they will be sold as barebones units with no hard drives or operating systems.  Our prices are based on component level resale values which allow us to pay on Net 15 terms for most items.  On certain items like PCs and servers, it doesn’t matter if it works or not, you still get our quoted value for it.  No games, no dragging payments out for weeks or months, and no bait and switch tactics for varying grades of item condition.  We truly make the asset disposition experience easy, secure, and responsible.  Choosing to business with ReUse IT means you are doing business with a Veteran owned and Veteran operated organization.  Not only do we hire Vets, but we regularly donate to charities that help Vets. 

We Buy PC’s, Laptops, and Other IT Assets


ooking for a way to recover value from your retired computer equipment?  ReUse IT offers value for your end of life gear without all the games and hidden fees, and your business helps Vets too.  Our process is different in that we are not exporting containers of equipment overseas, and we don’t refurbish it either.  Since part of the ReUse IT concept is a used electronics store, we can offer your retired computers, laptops, and other items to our customers at a discount vs traditional refurbishers or box stores.  PC’s and laptops are sold as barebones units without hard drives and operating systems.  All hard drives are shredded because we don’t believe that reusing data-bearing devices is good data security.  If your equipment is not up to snuff for resale, then it is recycled responsibly.  Items we buy include:

  • iSeries PC’s and laptops
  • Flat screen displays
  • Servers
  • Network Equipment
  • More…

Does your monitor or PC have a scratch or a blemish?  That’s ok.  We realize not all your gear is going to be A-grade.  That’s ok too.  We won’t offer you flashy A-grade prices for your gear then downgrade it once it’s in our possession, and then hit you with drive destruction fees on top of all that!  We won’t give you the bait and switch.  Send us an email and find out how we can help get value for your computer and IT equipment.