About ReUse IT


eUse IT was started as the natural progression of Sensible Recycling. We have had so many customers tell us that the material they have given us to recycle can be reused, and after a time we started to realize that some of this material should find a second life.  After all, the recycling triangle composed of three sides: ReUse, Reduce and Recycle.  

We also realize that there are large companies looking to recover value from their retired assets.  Since recycling is the core of our company, we look at value recovery from a different perspective.  First, we believe in data security.  Second, we don’t believe in the refurbishing process in which a company receives tentative pricing for the material they hand over.  This pricing may change based on condition and usability.  Not with us.  we look at value from the component perspective, so if your PC or server doesn’t work or is banged up, we can still offer value for it.  We also don’t drag out the payment process.  We work on Net 15 terms.  If you have dealt with the asset disposition process in the past, then you know how refreshing that is.  The majority of the material we receive will be sold back to the community at discount prices.  Your retired assets will find new life again for others that need it. 

ReUse IT is an opportunity to provide the community with a different type of electronics shopping experience.  We felt it would be best to separate the retail side from the recycling side as some of our customers prefer to not have their items resold.  Also, we can further advance our mission of helping Vets by not just hiring them, but by giving back monetarily to the organizations that help them.  This our version of corporate social responsibility.  At ReUse IT, we give back by donating material or money to charities that help Vets.

At ReUse IT, we still follow the same guiding principle as Sensible Recycling; we focus on data security.  Any electronic data related items like hard drives, data tape, CD’s, etc. will be destroyed by shredding.  We are not computer refurbishers.  We do offer our customers the opportunity to build their own computers by offering new, unused hard drives for purchase. 

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