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Who is ReUse IT?

ReUse IT is an IT Asset Disposition company and used electronics concept store in Jacksonville, Fl.  As the Asset Disposition division of Sensible Recycling, we are an electronics recycling company first, not a refurbishing and sales company that “recycles”.   ReUse IT is changing the industry by focusing on security, transparency, and value.  We offer the highest level of data security, fast payments on Net 15 terms for most material, and transparent, accurate audit reports.  

What Is A Used Electronics Store?

ReUse IT is a place where you can find used electronics.  Items like computer parts, monitors, game stations, stereo and audio equipment, printers, copy machines, and so much more.  While you probably won’t find the latest and greatest, you will find some cool electronics and parts you can use to fix or build something new.  Not only do we offer used electronics at a great price, we also offer a hands-on experience you won’t get anywhere else.  Come in and build your own computer, or test the parts before you leave.  We want you to get a great deal, and have fun at the same time.